Exhibition of Sacred Works


Why I need your help

I am sculpting these works in clay in my studio in Florence. I am raising funds to purchase various materials like clay, white resin, and “plaster of Paris”, which I need to create the works. I also need resources to transport these works to Rome for the exhibition and set them up for display.

This is the most important exhibition of my artistic career. For the past 5 months I have been working day and night to complete these sculptures for the beginning of the exhibition in December. I have already invested all my savings and taken out a personal loan to make this happen. I would greatly appreciate any assistance to reach or even go beyond my goal of 20K (the total cost for the exhibit is roughly 60K).

Link to Kickstarter project

Please support my art

I genuinely believe in this project, the message that my sculptures are meant to deliver and how they communicate it to the viewer. Please feel free to reach out to me, ask me any questions, photos or updates. Sign up for my instagram account where I post updates. If you come to Florence, no matter how much you can help, please let me know and visit my studio. I will be happy to show you around. Thank you.

Link to Kickstarter project

Funding required for the realisation of exhibition

Realisation and expenses of the exhibition consists of three phases:

  • Phase I: Rental of exhibition spaces in Palazzo della Cancelleria: 10,000 Euro
  • Phase II: Realization of small models of each work, modeling of original works in clay, casting, execution of final works in resin: 35,000 Euro
  • Phase III: Organization of final exhibition: 15,000 EuroTotal financial backing to be raised: 60,000 Euro

Financial backing for exhibition

Exhibition will be financed through sponsors at every stage. Publicity of project and soliciting of donations through the following means: 


  • Primo Magazine in Washington D.C.: article, web-article sent to subscribers
  • Website with description of event through and request for donations through association Tota Pulchra Es and all members in Vatican and city of Rome and abroad
  • Publicity of project in religious community in Western Australia
  • Link with description of event and requests for donations through personal website
  • Publicity of project in religious community in Florence, Italy and in Rome