Exhibition of Sacred Works


The projected works for the exhibition are original creations by Dr. Alan Pascuzzi who brings to his interpretation of the Madonna and Child, his experience as noted art historian of Classical and Renaissance art, knowledge of religious iconography and personal observation of the unique relationship between mother and child with his own children.

The ten Madonnas will show each of the attributes of Mary – prudent, merciful, intercessor as included in the medieval hymn – but most of all Mother of Lord Jesus. Every work will propose a new image of Mary and Jesus faithful to the reality of the love between mother and child but also alluding to a universal love and the divine.

The ten Madonnas will be executed in high relief and will be life-size. The original works will be executed in clay then from the clay an original negative cast will be made to then produce a positive cast in white resin – a resistant and light material. The works will be in two formats:
Entire figure: 2 m x 1m;
Half-figure: 1.20 m x 1 m

Small models for the works have already been realised by Dr. Pascuzzi which include:

  1. The Nativity
  2. Virgo Lactans
  3. The Madonna of Contemplation
  4. Madonna with sleeping Jesus
  5. Madonna of Consolation
  6. Madonna of Joy
  7. Madonna of the Goldfinch – ‘Madonna of Prudence’
  8. Madonna with Joseph and Jesus – the Madonna of the Family
  9. Madonna of Protection
  10. Madonna of Glory